Tracking Statistics Back

You have a group of sales representatives on the road each calling on different branches of your largest customer. The next time you visit your customer's vice presidient, you'd like to let him know what a great support job goldhandicapyour team is doing. Perfect. As long as you have an online call report that your reps fill out regularly, you'll have the numbers at your fingertips.

Your not-for-profit company is applying for additional funding from the supporting government agency. You need to show them that your activity is up at all three of your locations over the last year and that you need the money to pay for the additional resources. Again, perfect. As long as you have built a private site to record your activity, you're 90% of the way there.

At, Gradpass Systems has built a tool that helps golfers record and track golf statistics like handicaps, putts, fariways hit and greens in regulation. They can also record league scores and find weekly winners.

This type of statistical tracking was once the realm of expensive proprietary systems exclusively. Now, you can use the powerful database and privacy tools to get the information you need and to protect it.

If your website needs to keep this kind of information, crunch the numbers and give you back reports, talk to us at Gradpass Systems. It is likely easier and more cost effective than you think.