Registration SystemsBack

If you are planning on marketing a webinar, seminar, trip or other type of event through an e-mail compaign or from your website, one of the functions you might want to include is regiatration system. In some ways, registration is very similar to membership functionality but without the ongoing maintence that is necessary with membership. Here are a few considerations:

  • date, time and location information will be needed
  • is there a limit to the number of registrations or a minum number required?
  • is registration free or paid?
  • how to you handle event cancellation?
  • what information do you need to gather about each registrant?
  • a registration confirmation mechanism will be needed
  • will you need registration lists?
  • will there be a waitlist if the event fills up and, if so, how do you notify the next person on the list?
  • do you add the registrants to an marketing e-mail list
  • can you merge online and offline registrations


Registration System Implementation

There are e-commerce solutions with API's (application program interface) that will let you incorporate their registration/ecommerce programs onto your site. In some cases this can be a good and effective solution. Like most software however, you usually get more flexibility when you incorporate a custom solution for your registration system.