Calendars, Maps and MoreBack

As you make your way around the internet, you will have no doubt found sites withcalendarSample many different "dynamic" areas on the pages. And remember that we are using "dynamic" in its broadest sense. Calendars, maps, sliders, videos, flash, contact forms, popups and more can all help you drive traffic to your site and your business. But when used poorly they can just as easily drive visitors away. Nothing is more annoying that a loud and obnoxious video that starts up everytime you visit a page or a popup window that places an advertisement right on top of the piece of information you're researching. Or a video that takes minutes to load before you can even get to the information you need.

There are a lot of interactive and dynamic tools available to you. But be careful and consult with your designer and webmaster to find out what works well for your needs and what doesn't. You'll end up with a better website and more sales.