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We aquired a client few years ago who opperates a business running trip excursions for groups of travellers every year. For each new excursion, a new web page was required. The client came to us for another reason but once we saw how trips were being publicized on their website, we suggested that there was a better way. Our recommendation was to build a content management system that could be used to produce the trip pages themselves and not have to go back to the programmers every time a change was needed. Now, almost two years later, the client has produced numerous "trip pages" with no intervention from us and has saved hundreds of dollars.

If you are in a situation were you are repeatedly going back to your webmaster for what seems like the same page but with different content, ask the question: is there a better way?

Content management systems come in many forms and like many things on the web can mean different things to different people. Some webmasters are hesitant to suggest that you use them because in some cases they can impact the page designs that they have worked so hard to create.

The bottom line is this. Content management should be just that: content management. You should leave the design management to the professional designers.