I'm sure that you have been on many sites where there is an advertising for how to reduce belly fat, or for the latest dating site somewhere in a sidebar. Large internet companies (mainly Google) have created pay-per-click advertising mechanisms that you too can include on your site to try to generate revenue. Some sites combine advertising with their membership systems and only show ads on the free versions of their pages. Once you pay your membership fee the ads disappear.

Google Adwords is the best known tool for creating online advertising campaigns. What you want to do is include space on your site where advertisers will want to run their ads. You'll need a site that gets a lot of traffic or ranks high for certain keywords in order to attract advertisers. So don't expect too much too soon. Also, caution is paramount and planning is critical when you start using this as an advertising strategy.

  • don't expect to make a fortune. You need a LOT of traffic to generate any significant income.
  • where will your adds show on the page and how much space will you allocate
  • who is your target market and what will your keywords be
  • how will you show the adds without letting your page get cluttered
  • a lot of people are turned off by ads especially if they are doing some simple research.
  • don't let the ads bury your content. Unless your site is extremely popular you will lose customers.

It's ok to use ads but you need to be aware of how best to do it.